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Gertrude Rose Jenne was born Oct. 1st, 1913, the third child of eight (seven girls and one boy). She married Wesley Parker Northup, Son of Archie and Myrtle Northup on September 28th of 1933 and Gary (Gerald Wesley) was born that same year on November 29th. The family lived by West Lost Lake on the Ottertail River at this time. Joyce Anne was born on October 21st of '37 and Phyllis Gertrude on November 2nd of '44. Wes moved his family to Caldwell, Idaho for the summer of '42 and then late in the fall to a Seattle, Washington neighborhood in Lynnwood near what is now the bowling alley. Later they moved near Green Lake (Phyllis was born there). Thanks for scanning in some pictures, Gary. (HINT-HINT)

When Gary's Mom died in March, 2002 he sent this letter to inform us:
Our Beloved Friend "Gertsie" Died last night, at about one o'clock March 21, in Kirkland Washington.She died in her sleep of heart failure. She was 88 years old, having been born October 1st. 1913.

She has been ill for some time, and has been in failing health for the last few weeks. She enjoyed life in her own special way, loved to travel and see new things, and of course had loved her God!

She will be remembered by me as a good mother, cook and friend. When my Dad would go Treshing in North Dakota, Mom and I did the chores together on our little farm in Minnesota. We always shared the same music, and sang together often. She complied a book full of special songs we sang back then, I still have it.Those were special times!

Thankyou "Gertsie" , Salude !!!!!!!!

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Wesley and Gertsie Northup Family

Children of Wesley and Gertsie Northup

Gary (Gerald Wesley) November 29, 1933
Joyce Anne Matson October 21, 1937
Phyllis Gertrude Hopkins November 2, 1944

Pictures of Wesley and Gertsie Northup

Gertsie Graduation Pic
Wes as a boy with Dad and Uncles Holllis and John.
Wes and Gertsie with Gary and Joyce
Wes and Gertsie; Most Recent
Don and Phyllis Hopkins at Denni Damschen's Wedding